Learning Center

Learning Center

Personalize your learning experience
Looking to get the most from your smartphone, tablet or mobile Internet key?
We listened. That’s why we’ve created the TELUS Globe Mobility Learning Centre.
As a Globe Mobility customer you get a complimentary learning session tailored to you.
It’s another way we’re working to put you first.

We'll help you master your device
Sessions range from 15 to 45 minutes depending on your learning style and what you would like to learn.

We cater to all experience levels, from beginner to advanced.
Our in-store product experts will teach you whatever you'd like to know, including:

- The basics (use email, voice mail and more)    
- Multimedia (take photos, videos and listen to music)    
- Bluetooth® setup    
- Backing up your smartphone    
- Social media (browse the web, Facebook® and Twitter™)    
- Applications (download and use apps on every operating system)    
- Increasing productivity (optimize calendar, notepad and alarms)    
- Advanced device features


device from any network

Clients from other networks are also invited to joins us:
Bell, Chatr, Fido, Rogers, Koodo, Public Mobile, Videotron, Virgin

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