Tracking and Dispatch Solutions

Track your assets, vehicles and workers in real time, while gathering information from the field and improving operating efficiencies.
You can do it all – at a cost-effective price – with TELUS Tracking and Dispatch Solutions.



Customized yo your business
TELUS Tracking and Dispatch Solutions give you full visibility into the activities of your mobile workers, assets and vehicles. With real-time information and up-to-date reports, your company can improve asset, resource and vehicle management, reduce costs, and uncover additional revenue-generating opportunities. Better scheduling and improved communications can help you enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times. The bottom line: TELUS Tracking and Dispatch Solutions can help your business run more profitably.

Improve customer responsiveness

- Track real-time location of vehicles, assets and mobile workers and dispatch tasks to the nearest mobile worker while receiving updates
- Provide your customers with accurate arrival times and dependable scheduling with proof of delivery or pickup

Improve security

- Recover stolen vehicles and assets with real-time tracking
- Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles and out-of-route activities by using automated alerts

Analyze and improve your field operations
- Reduce fuel costs by minimizing speeding, idling time and inefficient route selections
- Optimize fleet repair schedules by tracking mileage travelled while automating maintenance logs

- Increase capacity and operating margins with detailed reporting to manage key metrics:
– Idle time
– Travel speed
– Distance traveled
– Travel time
– Vehicle diagnostics
– Driver behaviour
– Arrival/departure time at customer location.