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Whether your business involves field workers performing on-site services or delivery people serving multiple customers, TELUS Wireless Work Orders can take your business to new levels of productivity, operational efficiency and customer service.

Comprehensive and integrated work order management

TELUS Wireless Work Orders is a complete solution that has everything you need for efficient and cost-effective work order management including voiceless dispatch, mobile forms, real-time job status updates and data from the field, resource tracking, time cards and wireless payment. See how innovative work order management software can revolutionize your field operations.


If you could get one more service call each day for every one of your mobile workers, how would that impact your bottom line?


Customized yo your business
Configured for your business and customizable to suit your business needs with minimal upfront costs. Total integration with your existing back office can be achieved in days, not weeks.

Web-based real-time dispatching and job status updates
Gain increased visibility over your mobile workers and their work. Maximize productivity with less idle time, flexible and responsive scheduling, and more efficient routes.

Eliminate filed paperwork
With mobile forms, the field information flows in real-time back to the office.  Features include drop-down menus, radio buttons, photo capture, signature capture and barcode scan.

Dispatch the closest worker to the job
With our GPS service, you can affordably track the location of your field workers so you can easily find the nearest resource when a customer has an urgent request.

Improve cash flow
Do away with paper forms and dramatically shorten billing cycles. Collect payment in the field wirelessly and improve your cash flow.

Improve customer service
Respond to urgent customer requests or simple scheduling changes by easily re-routing work orders using this web-based application.  The Customer Call Ahead add-on feature automatically notifies customers by phone that they are next on the schedule.

Reduce costs
Save with the elimination of errors, no duplication of efforts and streamlined work order management.  Less talk time, less paper, and less travel allows resources to work more efficiently and to be more productive.  Reduce missed service calls with automatic client notification that the technician is en route.

Variety and flexibility
Available on a selection of phones and smartphones on both PCS and Mike networks, with low upfront costs.  Plus, a monthly fee per user from less than a dollar a day, keeps this solution affordable and flexible.