TELUS 4G Speed

TELUS 4G Network
We're talking our fast 4G network
and we're making it twice as fast

There will be no increased network
charges or fees to download your data faster

You'll still get all benefits on
your current phone with the TELUS 4G Network

Eventually, we'll make it extra
super fast with LTE ( Long Term Evolution) Technology.
It's all part of our mobile evolution.


TELUS 4G Speed
Your whole mobile experience is getting faster and faster.

Within out 4G network, we started off fast with up to 21 Mbps*, but now we're flying to 42 Mbps*, on the way to reaching Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

We're really picking up the pace for downloading YouTube videos, browsing web pages, using apps, playing games and more.

* Manufacturer's rated peak download speed. Compatible device required. Actual speed may vary by being used, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion, signal strength, and other factors.